I was a presenter and producer in community radio on the Central Coast of NSW from mid 2008 till November 2018.

Over that time I interviewed many people and produced a variety of segments and other audio for broadcast.

Listen to podcasts of interviews and segments I’ve produced for community radio, now uploaded on Soundcloud.

In 2016 I completed a podcasting course with AFTRS, (the Australian Film, Television and Radio School).

Then in 2018, I was selected as a participant for the National Features and Documentary Series (NFDS) run by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia (CBAA). The documentary I produced is called Hidden Carers, and gives a window into the lives of carers and families of people with mental illness in Australia.  It was released in October 2018.

Check out my blog post about the documentary on the CBAA website.

Hidden Carers and other 2018 NFDS documentaries are also available free on iTunes and Spotify!