My specialty as a visual artist is pastel artworks on paper.

Going back to art happened as an interest in my early forties.  After starting with paint, I discovered pastels, reigniting a childhood fascination with coloured pencils.   I love pastels, especially the pencils: how they work, and the colours and types of paper now available.

My pastel artworks have evolved over years – from realistic to more stylised, and sometimes abstract – in my interpretation of subjects.  I also use watercolour pencils and ink, playing with marks, shapes and colours to represent perceptions and feelings.

I take many photographs when travelling, and use these as reference for a wide range of artworks.  The bush, rocks and waterways around northern Sydney, the Hawkesbury River and Central Coast hold what’s been a lifelong fascination for me, and were often the subject of my pastel works since the 2000s.  With a move to Adelaide in late 2018, I’m in a new phase of my art practice, focusing on different landscapes and the natural world around my new home.

For updates about my art practice, exhibitions and artworks, check out my Art Facebook page@MeredithGilmoreArt

Here are a few samples of my work.